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MyFatPocket Review - Miyake


by Miyake | 16 Aug 2012


I Look Younger Now!


Finally blogged this post that everyone is waiting for… Firstly, i need to thanks mfp‘s Bianca, because she was the one whom told me about Dr Matthew Yap! I went to Dr Matthew Yap for under-eyes, smile line fillers and jaw botox!


Apparently they are doing vaccination for cervical cancer, recently my family doctor just told me about it and hence considering whether should I get it done. As it’s the second most common cancer for women!


Waited for around 30 minutes to see Dr. Matthew Yap and the first thing i said was: “YOU LOOK SO YOUNG, I LOVE YOUR SKIN!” Heh, we chatted for a bit and he told me that he did Laser skin rejuvenation, so that’s his secret for looking so young. I jelly!

I like it when doctor is friendly, they make me feel very comfortable.



*Point* Telling him which part exactly am I not satisfied with my face!
Asking him for advice whether if it’s recommended to do anesthetics action or should i wait till i get older?


Dr. Matthew Yap explaining about what fillers he will be using on me and why…


It’s super wordy if i were to type everything out here… So if you would like to know more about the fillers etc. what areas can be treated, what can I expect after the treatment?  just click here. Anyway, I’m sure that the doctor will explain everything to you when you are there, so don’t worry!





As we age we will tend to have deeper smile line (Known as nasolabial folds) and it cause us to look tired and old. Lack of sleep will tend to have smile line faster and deeper as well! To my young readers, please try to sleep early if you don’t wish this to happened to you. Take care of your skin while you’re still young! The only fastest way to soften smile line is fillers, you can see the result right after the treatment.





First they removed my make-up and cleanse my face!


Applied numbing cream, need to wait for around 10-15 minutes.


Tips: If you’re afraid of pain you can ask them to apply more numbing cream for you!


Taking pictures for follow-up reference, which would be 2 weeks later.


The fillers that Dr. Matthew Yap will be using on me would be Restylane!


I actually asked Dr. Matthew Yap that, am i too greedy if i were to do jaw reduction. Lol!

Apparently he said NO! So stop saying my face is small and i don’t need it. Because my jaw muscle annoyed me, Dr. Matthew Yap said that partly was because i always chew with 1 side of my mouth that’s why my jaw muscle was big. Sigh, habit what.. What to do :/ I can’t stop eating sweets some more…

This is why my jaw muscle is so big!


No pain at all, just have to clench and released! It will be over in a blink of an eye.


Followed up by nose fillers, not my first time doing this anyway. Same thing NO PAIN!


Inject, massage, inject, massage and voolah it’s done!!!


After every jab they passed me mirror to check out my nose and see if  I’m okay with the result.
Anyway, Dr. Matthew will ask you if you’re satisfied with the result or else he can add more volume!


Candid shot, i don’t know what I’m doing here… So embarrassing… lol!


Candid shot, i don’t know what I’m doing here… So embarrassing… lol!


If you love your nose tip to be tilt up higher a bit like me, ask him to inject this part!


Finally i can have higher nose bridge again… Very pretty and nice, cannot take it!


Clean away the blood, there will be a bit of blood… Just a little bit so don’t worry!​


Can’t stop looking, just how amazing fillers is? Can see the result right after the treatment…


Clean away the blood, there will be a bit of blood… Just a little bit so don’t worry!​


Look how much my smile line have soften, look younger than before.

Can’t really tell from all these pictures because @myfatpocket photographer set the camera lighting till very bright and nice. But I’m sure that my no make-up or light make-up face look so much more younger than before, no lie. I don’t even need to slap on 3kg of cosmetics on my face anymore!


That’s one of the reason I’m changing to ulzzang style.


People that said doing botox and fillers is painful, probably don’t want other people to do it.
You can feel that the needle is injecting in but there’s is no pain feeling because of the numbing cream.


Under-eye filler, it’s going to plump up the hollow under my eyes!

By doing this it will lift and smooth away the lines and restore my skin’s appearance. I’m starting to hate growing up, as we age all the flaws will start showing up one after another one. Luckily there is this amazing thing called fillers and botox exist!!! All this problem can be solved easily!


*cough i think i look pretty here cough*


Similing with teeth shows how happy i really am with the result!


After the treatment they need to take “after” pictures for follow-up reference again!


All the pictures in this post was taken by mfp’s photographer, no edit at all.

Will blog about the follow-up after I go for it, if you have any enquiries about the treatment pricing it’s best to give Dr Matthew Yap a call and check with him. If you intend to go for the treatment you can quote my name for special privileges. 


Wish you girls all the best and stay pretty always, best luck!


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