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MyFatPocket Review - William 


by William | 6 May 2014​

My Journey to Looking Better with Dr Matthew Yap


I have been a Male Lifestyle Blogger in Singapore since 2008 and I often have to attend events and face the camera. So looking good, dressing well is some of the things which I really focus on.





Looking good, feeling good


Well, besides the fact that I am a Blogger and I must always look good on my blog or else no one will read my blog, I also realise the fact that men these days are also very concerned on how they look. Hence, there are more facial products, facial salons these days targeting men.



Greater self-confidence


Confident people radiate a certain physical appeal and charisma.


When you look better, somehow you will also feel better about your self-worth. And nothing is more gorgeous than the self-assurance that comes from feeling good about your own appearance.



Will I consider doing Plastic Surgery?


So if you were to ask me, will I consider doing plastic surgery? I think the answer is still 'NO' for now although for the past few years, more Singaporeans are going to Korea to do their plastic surgery. I even have friends who went recently too. Not to mention names but I guess you will know who if you have been following blogs.



How about Aesthetics procedures?


Yes and because it is non-surgical. And mainly because the treatments usually have minimal or no downtime. So I can still go out and attend events and meet people as usual.




So what are my areas of concern?


There are certain things maybe my readers also do not know because I hardly show my close-up photos on the internet. I have skin problems like enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. With Doctor Matthew Yap’s advice and treatment, I hope I can have these problems solved and also have a more chiselled look at the same time.


Dr Matthew Yap advised me to do laser treatments on my skin, jaw botox to attain a more chiselled look, and fillers to achieve a more defined nose bridge.




I went back on another day for the treatments (filler + botox).

Fillers - Juvederm was used.


This treatment is suitable for you if you want to accentuate your cheekbones or sharpen your chin or nose. It is FDA-approved.


Jaw Slimming - Botox was used. 


Always wanted a slimmer face? This treatment will help you achieve that. It is a non-invasive, safe and quick way to achieve a slim and V-shaped jaw. It basically helps relax over-developed muscles and cause them to shrink over time, resulting in the desired slimming effect.


Before the Fillers and Botox procedures, they applied numbing cream on my nose and jaw area. 

I was then asked to wait for about 20mins on the bed.


The Fillers and the Botox procedures took about another 10 minutes. It was really fast and painless for me. The needle marks were so small that I couldn't really feel them and the next moment I realised the treatments were done.

Thank you Dr Matthew for carrying out the procedure so professionally. I felt really comfortable during the whole procedure and there was not much discomfort at all.


And that’s it! So overall the whole treatment was done in less than an hour.

For Botox jaw slimming to start taking effect: ~ 2 weeks

Fillers to take effect: The result was instant actually but mild redness, pain, swelling occurred for the next 2-3 days. The pain was really mild.

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